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Okay, so, I have this little problem, and it’s very, very annoying!  It’s this little vent over my couch in the living room. Really, it’s the whole wall behind my couch.  It’s all out of whack. I mean, the whole thing is uneven. Part of the wall is built out, but it is not symmetrical. I have this thing about everything being symmetrical, and it’s driving my nuts!

Our neighbors next door have the same floor plan as we do. They have the same dumb built out wall as we do, but their’s is symmetrical. I think whoever built our house must have cut twice and measured once… or something… They just didn’t get it right. Arrrggg!

Anyhoo! See this vent at the top of the wall? (Who would put a vent at the top of a focal wall like that!?!)

It’s a big eye sore to me. Okay, it’s not just the vent, it’s the whole wall thing again… But, I have to start somewhere. We’ve been in this house over 5 years now, and I, still, have not touched this wall.  (It’s sad, I know…) I just can’t get over the unsymmetricalness of it, so I have chosen to ignore the wall… until now.

So, I’m starting with the vent.  If it’s got to be there, it needs to be pretty, right?

You’ve seen what people do with T-P rolls… Well, these are paper towel rolls. I used about 47,000 rolls, cut into 16 pieces each. (Okay, not really that many rolls, but it felt like it when I was all done. This little craft took me way longer than I thought it would. I only used about 6 rolls cut into 16 pieces.)

I worked this out in sections (I ended up with seven sections).

For the first section, I started out with 1 piece and I pressed it down flat, then I turned it over so that the folded sides touched and pressed it in the other direction so that the little circle now looked like a square.

For the rest of this section, I cut one side, of 8 different pieces like this…

Next, I turned the square, that I had shaped, sideways so that it was now diamond-shaped, and glued 2 cut pieces on the top of the diamond like this…

And then, coiled them with a pencil inward, to resemble a heart, like this…

For the sides of the diamond, I glued two more cut pieces on each side. One piece directed to the top and one directed down.

The top piece, I coiled inward toward the heart, and I did the same for the bottom piece…

Then, I glued the top pieces together, and the bottom pieces together.

After I did my first section, I decided it was faster to coil first and then glue.

Your first section should look something like this…

(You may have to play around with it to get it in the shape that you want.)

I made seven sections just like this one, and I glued each section together with another square diamond in-between each section.

After all the glue was dry, I spray painted it to match my vent, and hung it up with Christmas hooks. Yeah, I’m creative that way. 😉

Here’s the before again…

And, after…


Much better.

Have a great rest of the week!

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