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I think that salt dough has come a long way from what I remember as a child, and I’m totally addicted to making stuff with it!!!!

I really love seeing all the cute ideas on Pinterest. I like the ones that look like pewter, or metal. So cool!

I painted these hearts with nail polish. I thought it made them look like candy. Good enough to eat… except don’t… ’cause it will taste like SALT! (Just ask my son… Yep, he ate some dough.)

Salt Dough Recipe 

2 parts flour
1 part salt
Some water (add enough water until dough forms and it feels like pizza dough, or bread dough, or play-doh, or whatever you’re used to… ;))

Mix thoroughly, until dough forms. Roll out and form as desired. Bake at 250° for 2 hours. Cool and paint.

To print this recipe click Salt Dough Recipe.

How easy is that?? My first batch I did 2 cups flour and 1 cup salt.  Um… it made A LOT of dough!!!!  My kids had a hay-day making all kinds of stuff.  It kept them busy while I was gettin’ crafty. 😀

Here is some of the stuff they made…

I rolled out the dough, and cut out my little hearts by hand. (That sounds so evil, doesn’t it?? :D) Then, I smoothed, and continued to form the hearts until I liked how they looked. After that, I poked a hole in them so I could make my necklace.

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I used flat white spray paint with primer to give the hearts a base coat, and then I gathered up some fun nail polish. (Mostly from my daughter’s room… Shhh… ;)) I used several coats of nail polish to give the hearts a nice hard finish, and then added a clear top coat. (Letting all the layers dry in between, of course.) I also let the polish dry over night, to make sure the hearts were nice and dry. (That reminds me… Don’t you hate it when you do your nails right before you go to bed, and then wake up with sheet prints? Sheet prints are the worst!!! :D)

I think they turned out kind of cute. (Even if some of them do look like fish when you turn them on their side… :D)

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