I’m not sure if it has to do with living on the edge of town, in a community that used to be farm land (like, over 20 years ago!), or what, but we have problems with ladybugs.

Don’t get me wrong… Ladybugs are cute, right???

When we first moved here, I kind of liked the ladybugs, I mean, I thought they were cute.  Who couldn’t love a ladybug?

All red and cuddly…

Well, now we are past the “cute” stage, and are smack dab in the middle of the annoying stage.

Um… Maybe, more like horror-movie stage. (Have you seen The Birds anyone?)

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In fact, I’m starting to lose sleep over these stupid things! (And, I hesitate to call any of God’s creation, “stupid”.) They attack me while I’m least expecting it, when I’m off in dreamland (turned nightmare)!  They go right for my face while I sleep, in the dark of the night.  When they land on me, I’m not thinking…

I’m thinking, more like…

giant isopod

(Picture source)


Then, I break out into my ninja-warrior routine.  I’m sure it is funny to watch, (and I don’t know how my husband sleeps through all my karate chopping!) but, I will not be eaten alive! Not while I sleep!!!!!

I’m to the point where I lie in bed just waiting for one to land on me. And, every little hair or blanket that touches my face… Whack! I’m smacking myself silly!

Have I mentioned that ladybugs don’t smell very nice? They have a little defense mechanism when you smack them on your face, they smear this disgusting odor all over the place. Not very conducive for sleeping, trust me!


Why are they attacking only me?? No one else in my family seems to be affected by the Ladybugs. My husband says I need to get a C-Pap mask, and I won’t have to worry about it. Yeah, right, I say! Those Ladybugs are smart. They would figure out a way to get into the machine and I would inhale them, and they would eat me from the inside out… 😉

Does anyone else have ladybug problems, and how do you battle them? Nija style? 😀

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