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I love my crock-pot!  I use it regularly.  I like to fix a roast in it for Sunday dinner. Super fast and easy, and the food is waiting for us when we get home from church. Love that! (’cause I’m a fanatic about getting in a Sunday nap!!!) Zzzzzzzz!

Anywho… I came across this recipe at Six Sister’s Stuff (Boy, I thought the three of us had it bad, trying to share a bathroom!) for Hawaiian crock-pot chicken.  I thought it looked good, so I tried it, and it was fab!

After I made it, I thought it tasted like sweet and sour chicken, so I re-named the recipe.  (Is that legal?)

This was really easy to make. Spray the inside of your crock-pot and then take a bottle of BBQ sauce and a can of pineapples (juice and all) and pour them over 4 or 5 raw chicken breasts (I used frozen), and put everything in the crock-pot and cook on high for about 3 hours, or on low for about 5 hours. Just make sure the chicken is no longer pink before you serve it. (I know you know that, I just have to say it, ’cause I’m a mom, and mom’s do that annoying stuff. :))

I cut up the chicken into chunks and served it over white rice.  Yummy!  The kids ate it with no complaints.  Yay! 🙂


Happy Wednesday people!